Everything You Need to Know About
Your First IPL Hair Removal Treatment

Tired of shaving, tweezing or waxing and thinking of trying laser hair removal to go hair-free for good? Here’s what you need to know about your first hair removal treatment.

Does it really work?

Many years ago laser or IPL treatments may have required more sessions to become hairless than today, thanks to advancements in technology.

Today, many people will see results even after their first treatment with the Dermalese IPL. However, clients should understand that all IPL or laser treatments only destroy the hair follicle during the Anagen stage of growth – one of the three stages of hair growth.

During this Anagen or growing stage, the hair is in the perfect state for treatment. The laser/IPL treatment attacks the melanin in the hair shaft and disables it from further growth.

Follow-up treatments are done to attach the hair that was previously not in the Anagen stage, but will be in the future.

IPL/laser treatments both use heat and light to attack the hair deep in the follicle, whereas other treatments only cut the hair mid-shaft, allowing the hair to regrow.

How much does it cost?

Hair Removal costs are generally based on the size of the body part, the market rates depending on location and any auxiliary services or products associated with your visit.

The following pricing is an approximation of the ranges charged by spas and salons in Canada:

Typical upper lip or chin treatment cost may range anywhere from $35 to $50, underarms from $50 to $75, either upper or lower legs from $120 to $200 and the back or chest from $200 to $350.

Of course, this is just a sample of both prices and body parts that can be given a hair removal treatment. Check out our student prices here.

How many sessions?

Today, some clients might only require 5 or 6 treatments and are seeing results much sooner than in the past.

The time it takes to complete a full series of treatments varies from person to person and the location of the hair on the body, but is typically 12-24 months. The key to good results is to consult with your esthetician so they can give you a clearer picture of your own specific requirements based on skin and hair colour.

Hormonal changes, such as those experienced during pregnancy or other hormonal imbalances can bring new hair growth and you may discover new patches of hair, even if treated previously.

Will it work on me?

When laser hair removal was introduced, it worked best on light skin with dark hair. Now, the treatment can be performed on all skin types and is proven to be both safe and effective.

What downtime?

Immediately after treatment, you may notice mild redness and swelling, which is a good indication of a treatment that will show a great response.

How to prepare for your treatment?

Preparing for your treatment first consists of a conversation with your estetician. They will discuss with you any medications you may have to halt as well as other contradictions that may be effecting your skin.

At the minimum, you will have to avoid the sun entirely, or at least use proper SPF 30 or higher protection, as well, you should avoid self-tanning products.

You should shave the night before the treatment, but don’t wax, tweeze or have electrolysis the month prior or between treatments.

On the day of your service, skip all lotions, perfumes or other skin products.